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Are you student? Do you want to earn good money online without investing?

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Question answer

How can I start earning on the site?

To start working you should do simple sign in.
After you have checked in, follow to “Read news”.
Choose a piece of news, read it attentively and define if this piece of news real or not real.
Click appropriate button.
Money will be transferred to your account automatically.

What are the conditions to pay out?

You need to complete some simple conditions:
1. Type your payment system to pay out
2. Collect the minimum sum of $ 700

What does our project do?

Every day thousands of latest news appear on popular mass media resources. Some of them are real while other pieces of the latest news are not real. Your task is to read one piece of latest news and define if this piece of news is real.
Found on our employee’s answers and yours we can define if this piece of news is real with accuracy of 97%. We transfer results of the research to the largest Mass Media, which cooperate with our project very quickly. After checking and approving this piece of news publishes on our partner’s site. Thanks to our project Mass Media cooperating with us have perfect reputation.

How does Friend’s program work? How much will I get if I invite 1 friend?

Our project needs new employees. Invite your friends to our project and get $40 for every invited person.

How to invite my friends?

Share your Friend’s link in social networks. Friend’s invitation is not obligatory, you may do it if you want.

What country can I work from? What kind of working experience do I need to have?

Our project gains its popularity Worldwide.
You can define the currency of the latest news from any country.
The main is language knowledge and Internet connection.
Working experience is welcomed but not obligatory.
Join to our project and start earning!

Project news


Dear Students, good news!

Starting this week, you will receive a reward for defining the accuracy of the latest news in the amount of $ 3,3. Your daily earnings will be $ 99.

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